Frequently Asked Questions

I’m traveling to Vermont, how does Stayclass work?

It’s easy! With Stayclass you book your vacation home directly with the home’s owner. Step 1) Find a listing you like. Step 2) Send a booking request to the owner. Step 3) Communicate directly with them regarding the specifics of your stay. Step 4) Enjoy your vacation!

Does Stayclass charge booking fees?

No! Never! No Booking fees, commissions, royalties, services fees, or any other “Hidden Fee”

How does Stayclass save me money?

Many other online travel agencies and listing platforms charge royalties and service fees that can amount to many hundreds of dollars for guests and many thousands for hosts. Not here at Stayclass! Save time and money by booking direct with owners!

How do I pay for my vacation rental?

Stayclass does not process payments for reservations. Guests will pay their hosts directly. We feel it is best to leave it up to the individual host to determine the best way to accept payments for reservations in order to get travelers the best price. We do recommend guest pay hosts through a secure payment platform, however, hosts are free to ask for payments in the form of checks, cash, etc.

Is Stayclass really the most amazing local short term rental website in Vermont?

Umm.. Yes! We don’t like to brag, but we think what we do here at Stayclass is pretty special. Saving people time, money, and helping to build lasting relationships between hosts and guests.