About Us

There are many things that are built out of simplicity and necessity; sliced bread, the spork, and Stayclass. You may be hard pressed to believe that this scrappy little short term rental website, could be used in the same sentence as the greats of “sliced bread” and “the spork” but trust me. The story of Stayclass is a simple one. A direct booking vacation rental platform built out of necessity to give control back to short term rental hosts, and keep more money in the pockets of guests and hosts alike. We’re techy, but were not “Big Tech”. We’re local Vermonters, short term rental hosts and guests looking to bring the humanity back to booking a vacation stay. We want to knock your socks off with our customer service. It’s our promise to make every effort to provide personalized service, with a distinct knowledge and expertise of our unique Vermont community. So, give us a shot, lets chat today! …socks optional.

Our Team

Co-Founder and CEO

Palmer Lintz

On the job: Palmer’s a short term rental host, and a board of directors member for the Vermont Short Term Rental Alliance, he became the owner of vermontproperty.com, a historic Vermont short term rental business serving the Vermont community since the early 1980’s but in need of major technological improvements. Stayclass was born to bring this business into the realm of today’s technology and it embodies the culmination of Palmer’s experience as a host, and as a servant to the greater short term rental community.

Off the Job: Dad, Pilot, Sailor, Runner, Cyclist. You’ll find Palmer changing diapers, running marathons, cycling Vermont’s trails, flying airplanes, sailing the New England waters, and really just doing anything in the great outdoors.

Co-Founder and CTO

Christopher Lewis

On the job: Christopher is a veteran full-stack web developer and systems administrator with a knack for minimalistic solutions and thoughtfully crafted code. With a degree in philosophy and an unquenchable thirst for travel, he brings a diverse array of experience to any project. He worked for Bluehouse Group (a Vermont web agency), overseeing technical operations for over 15 years before acquiring the business in the Spring of 2022 and taking over as CEO.

Off the Job: When he’s not behind the keyboard, chances are good that you'll find Chris unplugged somewhere holding a book, sailing on Lake Champlain, or sweating out the ones and zeros in a yoga studio.


Alexandria Lintz

On the Job: Alexandria’s official title may be CMO, but she prefers “Captain of Creativity”—a nod to her love for alluring alliterations. Bringing a wealth of corporate marketing expertise, her strategic focus and passion for storytelling culminate in effective marketing campaigns that drive travelers to experience the charm of Vermont firsthand. Alexandria comes from a long line of hospitality professionals (we are talking great grandparents here) and is happy to host guests at her very own curated cottage in the woods of Vermont.

Off the Job: When she's not advertising n’ stuff, Alexandria prefers to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the great outdoors—snowboarding, running, hiking—the important stuff, with her favorite companions: her husband, daughter, and dog, in no particular order.